The mission of FUNovation Station, LLC is to provide specially designed play experiences that encourage your child to create, invent and explore.


Create Relationships:

  • between you and other parents in the area
  • between you and your child
  • between your child and his/her friends


Invent your child’s story of success:

  • Every child has potential to invent their own story of success in life.
  • Play gives children the tools necessary to meet the challenges they will encounter as they grow.
  • FUNovation Station, LLC promotes specially-designed play that stimulates language, cognitive, and social-emotional development in children preparing them for future success.


Explore ways to serve:

  • FUNovation Station, LLC is honored to sponsor several youth organizations in Grayson County.
  • We explore ways to give back and serve those in our community.
  • FUNovation Station, LLC will be promoting activities you and your child can participate in to serve others.
  • Serving is rewarding for all involved and it teaches children care and compassion for others.

Follow along as we discover ways to create, invent, and explore together!


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