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“Whenever children say, ‘Let’s pretend’, a new landscape of possibilities for learning is revealed.  When children pretend, they try on new feelings, roles and ideas.  They stretch their minds along with their imaginations.” – Curtis & Carter

Playing pretend has never been more real for a child than in the charming, hand-crafted home featured in FUNovation Station.

Authentic shingle rooftop, wood paneled floors, and adorable wooden flower boxes make this little cottage ooze quaint and cozy.


Innovative, dynamic play promotes:


problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, critical thinking skills, flexible thinking skills


Fine and Gross Motor Development

hands-on play with utensils and manipulatives develops small and large muscle strength and coordination



interpersonal skills, negotiation, turn taking, pretend play, dramatic play, vocabulary, theatrical play, literacy skills, communicating ideas, part of a whole, prepositions, oral expression, sequencing skills



use mathematics to solve everyday problems, analysis, whole vs fractions, selecting appropriate tools to solve problems, counting, number identification



investigate properties of common objects, earth materials, horticulture, and organisms, understand plants/animals have basic needs, identify parts of a plant


Social Emotional

allows child to explore different roles and the feelings associated with those roles, negotiate to achieve cooperative results, perspective-taking skills, sharing, caring for others


Social Studies

create and interpret visuals such as maps and pictures, understand basic human needs, develop awareness of community helpers, understand the importance of family customs and traditions


Class Activities


Date : 06 Dec 2018

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