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“I will understand problem solving, decision-making, number relationships, structures, angles, geometry, cause and effect, and my natural world when I am big because I play while I am little.”

Castles with moats, forts, secret hide-outs, stores, space ships, rockets, are all possible with the durable, large-scale blocks featured in FUNovation Station’s building area.

Get in on the action with these larger-than-life-size scale blocks that encourage an endless variety of play patterns, innovation, role-playing, and construction.


Building Blocks Promote:


problem-solving, planning and execution skills, decision-making skills, flexible thinking


Fine and Gross Motor Development

motor planning, motor execution, strengthen and develop small and large muscles through manipulating objects of different size and weight.



exchanging ideas, cooperation, turn taking, oral expression, prepositions, attribute concepts, vocabulary concepts, sequencing, narrative development



shapes, curves, angles, counting, number correspondence, applying math to solve everyday problems, selecting appropriate tools to solve problems, early engineering concepts



observe and record properties of objects, including relative size and mass, such as bigger or smaller and heavier or lighter, shape, color, and texture


Class Activities


Date : 06 Dec 2018

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