We invite you to join us on our journey that is FUNovation Station. We are more than a play boutique. FUNovation Station is a movement.

FUN + innOVATION + creaTION + exploraTION = FUNovation

We are excited about the road ahead, the friendships to be made, the play experiences to be cherished, and the magic that awaits. We hope you hop on board!

Pay as you Play
$10/ session
  • Per Child 6 months and older
  • Adult Supervision required
  • 1 hour play per session*
$75/ year
  • Same as Pay as you Play PLUS
  • 1 year of Admission during open hours
  • Member Discounts at Select Events
  • 10% off Birthday Party Rentals
  • Personalized Keepsake Member Card
$6/ child
  • 3 hour private rental 
  • Minimum 18 children required 
  • Minimum 2 Adults required for Supervision
  • Reserve 7 Days in advance
  • 48 hour cancellation notice required 
  • by Appointment Only
$200/ event

Private, enchanting, stress-free birthday party.  Parents soak in and cherish the magic of watching their child celebrate another year of life. 

  • 2.5 hour rental of full facility
  • Private party room for presents and cake
  • 10 helium balloons
  • Guide for local party planning and decorating services to help you host your perfect party
  • by Appointment Only
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