Playing “house” was one of my siblings’ and my favorite pastime.  The couch and sofa made perfect cars completed by couch pillows as our steering wheels.  Our parents were both educators and knew the importance and value of unstructured play time.  The beautiful landscape of the expansive ranch where my brother, two sisters, and I grew up in West Texas provided an idyllic backdrop for hours of pretend play.

Fast forward to now, I have a family of my own and have been practicing as a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 15 years.  The joy of watching our children play fills my husband’s and my hearts like nothing else can.  However, we feel the struggle of a busy schedule and time constraints.  Research confirms we are not alone and well documents that unstructured quality play time for children is decreasing at an alarming rate.  The effects are evident in a child’s language, vocabulary, social skills, problem solving skills, creativity, fine motor and gross motor skills.

In effort to save quality play, FUNovation Station put together a creative dream team of brilliant, compassionate professionals that include occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, early childhood professionals, special education experts, middle and high school teachers, art educators, and school administrators.  This dream team of specialists collaborated to design a unique play experience to stimulate every area of a child’s development.

Childhood play experiences are deeply ingrained into a person’s long-term memory.  It shapes who they become when they grow up.  FUNovation Station provides life-time lasting play memories.  A child will savor their play experiences as long as they live.  Parents will be filled with awe as the magic of their child’s imagination comes to life in front of their very eyes.

We invite you to come experience a world of magic, imagination, and creativity.  Come experience the unbreakable bond between parent and child that is established during quality play.  Come join our family in inspiring the leaders of tomorrow because we play today.  Come create, invent, and explore with us!


Awaiting play adventure with you,

Keith, Mitzi, Colt, and Makenzi Nelson

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